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1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Add Track.

2. In the New Track page, fill out the info for your learning track. No field is mandatory, but we recommend these fields at a minimum:

  • Cover Art: Choose an image that visually communicates the purpose. Learn more about 'How to upload cover art.'

  • Track Title: Use something descriptive and memorable.

  • Categories: Organize your track at a high level for discoverability.

  • Tags: Organize your track with more specific terms.

  • Privacy: if you are not ready to release the track to your people, check this box. It will hide the track from the public-facing listings. Learn more about 'How to limit access with Privacy and Groups.'

2. Add Snippets using the 'New' or 'Add Existing' buttons

  • If this is the first snippet in the track, we suggest writing an introductory description of what this track contains, and the setup instructions/pre-work before taking this track.

  • Embed any content.

  • Click Save at the bottom

  • Check the Tracks tab to ensure that your new Track has been created.

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