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Note: This article covers an old UI that most customers have been moved off of. If you are looking for the updated Tracks creation documentation you can find it here.

1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Add Track.

2. In the New Track page, fill out the info for your learning track. No field is mandatory, but we recommend these fields at a minimum:

  • Cover Art: Choose an image that visually communicates the purpose. Learn more about 'How to upload cover art.'

  • Track Title: Use something descriptive and memorable.

  • Categories: Organize your track at a high level for discoverability.

  • Tags: Organize your track with more specific terms.

  • Privacy: if you are not ready to release the track to your people, check this box. It will hide the track from the public-facing listings. Learn more about 'How to limit access with Privacy and Groups.'

2. Add Snippets using the 'New' or 'Add Existing' buttons

  • If this is the first snippet in the track, we suggest writing an introductory description of what this track contains, and the setup instructions/pre-work before taking this track.

  • Embed any content.

  • Click Save at the bottom

  • Check the Tracks tab to ensure that your new Track has been created.

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