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Assigning Groups to people


What groups a person belongs to is automatic based on what we know about that person.

For example, when Charlie logs in via SSO and your Groups Integration tells us that he’s in the Engineering department and is a Manager, we add Charlie to the following groups:

  • Engineering

  • Managers

  • Engineering Managers

Note that neither Charlie nor anyone else can change this information. This is done automatically based on the Groups Integration at your organization.

Manual assignment:

Power users can also assign people to existing groups, except for those owned by integrations. They can do that through the group creation page or the group edition page.

Restricting access to events with Groups

You can specify what groups of people can access an event by listing the allowed groups. If there are no groups specified, it means the event is open to all. By specifying groups, you’re limiting the access to just those groups.

For example, if you have a class Engineering Bootcamp, you may want to limit it to just Engineering Directors by specifying that group.

Note that if you instead of Engineering Directors had granted access to Engineering and Directors groups, you would’ve allowed all engineers (Directors or not) and all directors (in all departments) to see this event. That’s probably not what you had in mind.

Note also that by restricting an event, we make that event not discoverable for people who are not supposed to see them. If a person that is not part of allowed groups has a direct URL to a restricted event, that person cannot register for the event – the Enroll button is disabled. The person can contact the organizer and get them to directly enroll them via Roster (see the section below).


Power users (Admins, Organizers, and Event Presenters) can still see all the events, however, events with group restrictions show as [Restricted] in their name. Regular users do not see this label – to them the events they can see appear normal.

If a person not on an allowed group list is added to an event by an Organizer via Roster, that person is now granted access to this event which overrides the group restrictions.

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