How to upload cover art

Select your file based upon the proper ratio and pixels

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Cover Guidelines

Events, Tracks and Coaching Programs on PlusPlus have a cover art, that can be added by users.

Generally, the cover ratio is close to 1.77 or 16:9 (widescreen). The maximum image size is 500px. Covers larger than the container will be resized proportionally, and cropped on vertical and horizontal edges to fit the container.

This chart shows dimensions in pixels, as well as the ratio for all covers that can be uploaded to PlusPlus by users:

We are working on normalizing all the cover ratios to follow the 16:9 rule.

When uploading a cover for an event, the same image will be used on the card and on the event details page. Images should have the maximum size of 500px. Keep the most important content in the center of the image, to avoid losing information due to cropping.

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