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We have been receiving requests to allow finer control over the enrollment lists for your events, specifically in regards to managing the separate needs of those attending an event in-person, versus those viewing it online.

To help here, we are introducing a new feature for Events that will separately track the enrollment lists of the online and local attendees. Your users can now choose how to attend an event, and your organizers will be to see the attendance method each attendee had chosen.

Please note: This is an optional feature change, and is set to Off by default. To turn this on, your system administrator must visit Menu > Settings > Event Settings, and turn the “Allow Enrolling Online” setting On.

Organizers: Creating events with separate enrollment caps

As an organizer, when you create an event, you may choose whether your event may be attended On Location, Online, or both. If you choose both, you will see selector fields for the Enrollment, Waitlist, and Online caps.

The Enrollment and Waitlist caps may be set at this panel for both In Person and Online events, as long as your system administrator has enabled the 'Allow Separate Online Enrollment' feature in Settings.

Please note that you may still be limited by the streaming service you use (for example, Google Hangouts allows 10-25 participants for a single event, while Zoom allows 100-500, depending on your subscription plan.)

Users: Enrolling for events

When an event has been created with separate local and online caps, your users will see two options to enroll, “In Person” and “Online".

If the event’s on-location cap has been reached, you will instead be able to choose to join the waitlist for the local version, and enroll online, or both enroll online and join the waitlist.

As an organizer, you may access the roster panel for the event by clicking the “people” icon on the upper-right. There, at the “Enrolled” tab, you may filter the list of to view only those who enrolled for the online version, the live version, or both groups. (As before, you will also be able to check in your the attendees for your event from this panel.)

We hope this feature allows you to better manage your learning events. Please get in touch if anything is confusing!

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