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Permissions are managed in two primary places, User Profile and Menu Settings. Both are accessible from the main Menu located under your Name/Image in the top right corner. As an Admin, you may also access a User Profile from the Dashboard.

NOTE: Only users with an Account Role of Admin will see ‘SETTINGS’.

My Profile

The Power User Management section within the Profile includes the Account Role and ‘User is mentor’ flag.

The Account Role is a static picklist that will display relevant selections for Admin and Organizers. For example, an Organizer will see Regular, External, and Organizer Account Role options but Admin will not be available.

The ‘User is mentor’ flag will be visible by all Admin and Organizer role.

Note: ‘Regular’ users will not see the Power User Management section. If enabled for your organization, you may become a Mentor by creating a new Mentorship session as the host.

System Settings

The SETTINGS are only accessible by Admin users and only three groups control permissions for users: Event Settings, Programs & Mentoring, Snippets & Tracks.


While the Dashboard is accessible by both Admin and Organizer roles, only an Admin may edit another User Profile by selecting their name in the People section.

You can quickly locate a specific individual through the Search or Filters available.

To preserve your Dashboard position, we recommend that you hover over the Users’ Name (e.g. Charlie Palmer) and right click to ‘Open in New Tab’ where you can choose to Edit.

Now that you know where to set permissions for each user, we will elaborate on:

For background information, check out:

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