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There are four primary Account Role designations for users and one optional designation for ‘Mentor’. A typical PlusPlus client assigns 95% of their users to the Regular Account Role while approximately 4% will be Organizers and 1% are Admin. External users are assigned for specific use cases.

Account Roles

Below is the list and definition of each:

  • External: A placeholder so that a profile can be built for individuals. In some cases, users are configured to receive information from the system but not participate directly.

  • Regular: A regular person is your typical employee looking to discover and sign up for events. Such person may be able to create an event, if enabled in the system settings.

  • Organizer: An Organizer can schedule and edit various events.

  • Admin: An Admin can do everything an organizer can plus update people, locations and system settings. Admin can also assign roles to other people.

The relevant differences between the Account Role base permissions are as follows:

  • Access to dashboards: Admin users have full access while Organizers have partial access and Regular users have no access.

  • Groups: Admin users have full access while Organizers may NOT ‘Create public groups’ or ‘Edit groups created by others’. Regular users may not create or edit groups.

  • Programs: Admin have full access while Organizers and Regular users have none by default. If enabled in System Settings, Organizers and Regular users my create and edit sessions for which they are the host.


Both Admin and Organizer roles are automatically assigned Mentorship rights while Regular Users may be assigned this separately.

To assign an individual Regular user the ability to ‘Create & edit mentorship sessions’, the ‘User is Mentor’ flag must be set on their User Profile.

To allow all Regular users the ability to ‘‘Create & edit mentorship sessions’, this is enabled through the SETTINGS.

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