How User Deprovisioning Works

Understanding GDPR compliance, quarantine period, and ownership transfer.

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You want to understand what happens on PlusPlus when a user is de-provisioned through people integration.


Here is what happens after a person is removed from PlusPlus:

  1. For GDPR compliance, user will be anonymized and we loose their personal information such as name and email.

  2. User will be unenrolled from future events.

  3. Upcoming hosted Program/Mentorship sessions will be deleted.

  4. User will be unenrolled from all upcoming Program/Mentorship sessions they are attending. Those sessions will be available for other users to pick.

  5. User will be removed from any upcoming events they are listed as a presenter.

  6. User will be removed from any upcoming events they are listed as an organizer.

  7. User will be removed from any upcoming events they are listed as co-organizers.

Quarantine period before full deprovision

People will lose access to PlusPlus after we are notified by the SCIM integration but they are not going to be deprovisioned straight away. The default time for deprovisioning users is 7 days, but admins are able to customize the number of days in the Settings > SSO & Security > Quarantine period before full deprovision.

Calendar Events Ownership

In case you have the calendar integration turned ON it’s possible that calendar events are stored in the calendar (Google or Outlook) account of the deprovisioned user. This means that, after deprovisioning, PlusPlus will no longer be able to sync to that account resulting in outdated information and sometimes duplicated calendar events. To prevent this we will automatically transfer the event to the calendar of people involved in the event following this priority order:

  1. Organizer

  2. Co-organizers

  3. Presenters

It’s also possible to configure at the system level a person that will receive the event in case we cannot sync to any of the above. This is configurable at Settings > Calendar Integrations > Calendar Owner Fallback Email.

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