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Our text editor supports some Google Drive links. For example, you can embed documents, sheets, images and presentations just by pasting a link. However, due to sharing permissions, you can’t just use the browser’s address bar’s link – instead, you will need to publish the document to the web and use the link obtained in that process.

For Google Documents:

1. While inside the edition mode for that document, click on File > Publish to the web… > Publish if you want that document to become public (as in anybody with the link will be able to access it). If you want the document to remain private, select “Published content & settings” under the Publish button and mark the “Require viewers to sign up…” checkbox, then click Publish.

For Google Sheets or Slides:

1. Repeat the same steps as above. You can select any option: web page, csv, tsv, pdf, xlsx, ods. It’ll work fine.

For Google Drive images or videos:

1. Click on the image or video so it opens its preview.

2. Click on “Get shareable link”.

For more details, see Make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms public.

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