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Release Notes 10-05-2020
Release Notes 10-05-2020

New Sessions Smart Defaults are live!

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Feature Spotlight

New Sessions Smart Defaults [New Feature] [Programs] [Mentorship]: Now the session form is automatically filled with information from the last session created by the user. This should help Program Managers, Coaches, Mentors, and Hosts in general to create sessions more quickly without having to fill all the fields every time.


Unassociated ICS feed [Integration] [Platform]: Now we have an ICS Feed that’s not associated with any account. This feed lists all the upcoming events that aren’t either hidden or group restricted. This feed can be accessed by Admins through User Menu > Settings > General.

Special Attention

Deactivation of our old REST API [ACTION REQUIRED] [Integration] [Platform]: We’re finally deactivating our old REST API. This API was already deprecated since we launched our GraphQL API. We still maintained the API live for one year, as promised, and now we’re finally retiring it. The API will stop being available starting on October 19. After this date, all applications that use this API will stop working unless they’re updated to use our GraphQL API. You can read more about our GraphQL API on our “How to use the PlusPlus GraphQL API” guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]

Increase GraphQL image TTL to 7 days [Integration] [Platform]: GraphQL images URL now only expire after 7 days. If you’re using our GraphQL API, now you can rely on our image URLs for more time, which allows you to refresh your data less frequently.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect count of people that went to event [Events]

  • Add option to sorting Event Types in Catalog by most recent upcoming events [Events]

  • Make editing online enrollment and waitlist capacity available as default [Events]

  • Fixes event_has_passed variable in email contexts [Events]

  • Standardize enrollment status on Dashboard & CSV Exports [Events]

  • Add pagination to Event Roster attendees [Events]

  • Add "6 days before event" option in event reminder settings [Events]

  • Recurrent mentorship sessions are created when enrollment error occurs [Mentorship]

  • Creating recurrent mentorship sessions with group restriction is not working [Mentorship]

  • UI Bug on Tracks | Can't Scroll All The Way [Tracks]

  • Adjust coach-marks on the Profile Edit page [Platform]

  • User export fails [Platform]

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