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When creating a session, either in coaching or in mentorship, it's possible to add multiple sessions (similarly to what we support in the events module).

Differences between additional sessions and recurring sessions

The difference between creating sessions through additional sessions instead of using the recurrence feature is that the first allows for individual (session-level) changes in date, time, duration, session type, attendance methods, rooms, meeting URLs, and extra info; while the latter will always have the same data in the fields mentioned above.

Additional Sessions

Recurring sessions

Additional sessions allow for greater flexibility in times and dates while still maintaining core information, such as hosts/mentors, attendee/mentee, and location equal.

Important information about the additional sessions feature

Please note these sessions will be managed separately after creation as each additional session is a standalone session. There's no way of bulk editing sessions created through the additional sessions feature.

You may not have additional sessions and use the recurrence feature at the same time and vice versa.

Creating an additional session

To add additional sessions, head to the create a session page and scroll down to the "Time, Date & Enrollment" section, and click the "+ Add a Session" button. If you changed your mind about adding that additional session, you may also click the "Cancel" button.

Updating an additional session (while creating a session)

You can also edit your entries by clicking the pencil icon. To save your changes, you must click the "Update Session" button. You may also discard your changes by clicking "Discard Changes".

Deleting an additional session (while creating a session)

You can also delete any entries you don't want anymore by clicking the trash can icon.

Dealing with errors

If by any chance something goes wrong during filling, you might see the following "Review errors" message.

That means you need to fix something in that additional session. To do that, either click the pencil edit button or the "Review errors" message itself.

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