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Release Notes 12-29-2020
Release Notes 12-29-2020
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Feature Spotlight

Event & Mentorship Reports [New Feature] [Reports]: Admins and organizers can gain insights into their initiatives through the new Event & Mentorship reports. Five new reports are available: "Event Count & Hours by Time Interval", "Event Enrollment Count by Time Interval", "Event Enrollments Hours by Time Interval", "Event Enrollments Ratings by Time Interval", and "Mentorship Session Enrollment Count & Hours by Time Interval". More coming soon!

To access them, go to the "Reports" link on the menu, please note it is only available for admins and organizers.

Hide attendees from non-attendees [New Feature] [Events]: Events administrators and organizers can now opt-in to make the attendees list private to participants, organizers, and presenters. Note this setting will also make the feedback private.

Minor Improvements

  • Additional Event Type Resources added to the GraphQL API: on the GraphQL API, you can view the added resource EventTypeRequestNode. [API]

  • UI improvements: We improved tooltips consistency site-wide. [Platform]

  • UI improvements: We improved inputs consistency site-wide. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a major bug when accessing the settings or notifications settings page of an event type in the Event Type Dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • We fixed a major bug that made our export CSV for bulk import (events) timeout when the file exceeded 3mb in size. [Events]

  • We resolved a major bug preventing CSV file downloads when clicking on its link on Chrome. [Data Exports]

  • We fixed a minor bug that was generating a VC link even when the events weren't online. [Events]

  • We fixed a minor bug not allowing hyperlinks edition in the event descriptions' WYSIWYG editor. [Events]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug breaking the event roster when both attendance methods were available. [Events]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug when inviting a group through the roster, both local and online buttons were loading. [Events]

  • We fixed the link to waitlisted events on Slack notifications. [Events]

  • We fixed the Tracks search not searching the snippet's content within a track. [Tracks]

  • We fixed enrollments from deleted sessions appearing in the Session Enrollments dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • We fixed the search of the event filter dropdown not working in the Event Enrollments dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • We fixed the search of the event type dropdown not working in the Surveys dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • We fixed related events breaking when the event type is deleted, as it tried to filter by an event type but failed. [Events]

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