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Release Notes: January 12, 2021
Release Notes: January 12, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Additional Event Reports [New Feature] [Reports]: Two new reports are available: "Event Enrollment Ratings by Time Interval", and "Mentorship Session Mentee Rating by Time Interval". More coming soon!

Minor Improvements

  • Reports Pagination: All reports are now paginated. If you'd like to share a specific timeframe, you can share the report's URL. [Reports]

  • New Cards UI: We improved the consistency of cards that appear on the catalog, the tracks page, and the programs page. [Platform]

  • Hidden attendees count: Events with hidden attendees now show the attendees count while keeping the list of attendees private to other attendees, Organizers, and Administrators. [Events]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug when requesting an event. The options for "online" and "in person" attendance were not appearing when the Event Type had both options pre-set. [Events]

  • We fixed a bug in the "Invite to event" dialog. It was not computing the last email if you didn't type a comma in the end. [Events]

  • We added missing icons to the action menu items on the Dashboard. [Dashboard]

  • We made minor adjustments to the export button in the Dashboard. [Dashboard]

  • We made minor consistency adjustments to the select inputs. [Platform]

  • We added a user-friendly message when the programs list is empty. [Programs]

  • We fixed a bug that was considering hidden snippets in the count of snippets in a track. [Tracks]

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