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Release Notes: April 20, 2021
Release Notes: April 20, 2021
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Release Notes: April 20, 2021

Feature Spotlight

Support for eLearning Courses [Early Access] [Platform]: Early access to eLearning Courses is available to Admins through the Catalog. Trial is available to selected customers. If you're interested, please request a demo with your Success Manager.

Admins can manage Courses (SCORM/xAPI/AICC/cmi5), preview the content, and Manage Assignees.

Once Courses are uploaded, users can discover the content, launch, and automatically update consumption progress.

Revamped Rosters [New Feature] [Platform]: Admins can now gain insights and drive compliance through the new Roster. Through the revamped dialog, it's possible to filter who has joined or completed the content and unassign people. The revamp applies to Snippets, Articles, and Courses. More coming soon!

Minor Improvements

  • New Mentorship Reports: We've added support to reports by Mentor/Mentee Title and Department, which includes: "Mentorship Enrollment Count & Hours By Mentor Title", "Mentorship Enrollment Count & Hours By Mentor Department", "Mentorship Enrollment Count & Hours By Mentee Title", and "Mentorship Enrollment Count & Hours By Mentee Department". [Reports]

  • Combined Event Report: We also added the "Event Enrollment Count & Hours By Time Interval" report. This report shows the combined event enrollment hours, the number of people who signed up for events and their combined enrollments, aggregated by the given time interval. The event enrollment hours are computed by multiplying each event duration by the number of enrollments for that event. Does not count wait-listed or dropped enrollments. [Reports]

  • Direct VC link available when Auto-Check in is enabled: We added the direct VC link to invites when Auto-Check in is enabled to assert users can access events links in case of Platform instabilities. [Events]

  • Tooltips added to enroll & waitlist buttons: to prevent confusion, on-hover tooltips were added to each button explaining that the event is in-person or on-line. [Events]

  • Day of the week added to Event cards: Users browsing the Events listing will view the day of the week the event occurs on cards. [Events]

  • UI improvements: We improved dialogs consistency site-wide. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug preventing Slack notifications from being sent for Event Type requests when the fallback email is used. [Event Types]

  • We fixed a bug in the Track edit overriding the Snippet creation action. [Tracks & Snippets]


Support for Videos [New Feature] [Platform]: We now support hosting YouTube and HTML5 Compatible Videos through the Catalog. Similarly to other learning types, users will be able to discover the content and consume it through the Platform. Coming soon!

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