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Release Notes: June 29, 2021
Release Notes: June 29, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Mentors can rate a mentorship session [Early Access] [Mentorship]: Mentors can now rate a mentorship session and provide feedback for the mentee. Both mentors and mentees can view the feedback each other gave.

Session reminders [New Feature] [Mentorship] [Programs]: Through the added "Attendance Session Reminders", hosts can opt to notify attendees to not miss out on sessions so that they don't go unused. The reminders are configurable by Admins through Settings > Programs & Mentoring > Notifications. Please note we'll be updating the set of available options to include hour-level resolution.

Special Attention

Removal of Additional Locations [Deprecation Warning] [Platform]: We launched Is Friendly To My Time event filter on March 23 to make it easier for the end-users to discover online events that better fit into their time-zone-aware schedule, regardless of their physical location. Similarly, we're launching in the upcoming week the same filter for Mentorship sessions. With that in place, we find little value in having the organizers and hosts manually curate the list of additional locations where their events/sessions show up in. As a result, we will be deprecating the Additional Locations feature on September 28. If you have any concerns/suggestions, please reach out to your admin or your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager.

Minor Improvements

  • Added support for Cloud Docs through Articles: Articles maintainers can include a Cloud Doc to the content. Similar to images, the capability is available through the text input in the form. [Articles]

  • New sort added to the Mentors listing: Users can now sort the list of mentors by their upcoming sessions, name, title, department, or location. In addition, filtering by location will also consider the mentor/mentee's location. [Mentorship]

  • Improved Event Type page UI: To improve the user experience, we've updated Event Type pages to follow the same standards as Articles, Videos, and Courses. The change impacted the UI only, so the content remains the same. Admins will note a more significant difference as admin actions are now available under the gear icon.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed the app navigation on mobile. [Platform]

  • We improved the copy of the "Receive email notifications" setting to specify that there are notifications where this toggle does not have any effect. [Platform]

  • We fixed a bug in the Mentorship page affecting the sticky filters. [Mentorship]

  • We resolved a cosmetic issue in the event card, where the content related to cutoffs was overflowing the disabled enroll button. [Events]

  • We fixed a bug preventing users from rating a course. [Courses]

  • We fixed a bug in the rosters that were listing private groups under the public section. [Platform]

  • We resolved a bug in the sessions card, showing the logged-in user's avatar in free sessions. [Mentorship] [Programs]


Discover time-zone-friendly sessions [New Filter] [Mentorship]: Through the Mentorship page, end-users will soon be able to search for mentors with sessions that are friendly to their time-zone so that they can take advantage of globally available sessions regardless of their locations. To explore the new capability, you'll have to input your Learning Hours in your user profile. Then, you should go to the Mentorship page and filter sessions 'Friendly To My Time'. Coming soon!

Additional Mentorship data added to GraphQL [Mentorship]: We have added new filterable fields in the users node: preference_as_mentor, preference_as_mentee, and a new node mentorship_requests, with all fields filterable: pk, mentor (user), mentee (user), status requested_at (filterable by requested_before and requested_after).

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