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Release Notes: April 19, 2022
Release Notes: April 19, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Revamped Track Item creation [Tracks] [New Feature]: We’ve revamped the track item creation! Users are now able to create content from within a track.

Minor Improvements

  • Several adjustments on the dashboard pages [Improvement] [Dashboard]:

    • New dashboard action topbar.

    • New sidebar.

    • Styling adjustments.

  • Revamped User Profile form [Improvement] [Users]: We’ve made our user profile edit form similar to the remaining system forms.

  • Show duration on all content item cards. [Improvement] [Content Items]

  • Added “hire_date” column to the enrollments CSV export. [Improvement] [Dashboard]

  • Various changes to settings [Improvement] [Settings]:

    • Added markdown support

    • Removed the following settings:

      • coaching_session_waitlist_url

      • degreed_resource_id (at the system level only)

      • groups_whitelist

      • label_request_a_session_cta

      • label_request_a_session_cta_url

      • label_request_a_session_text

      • receive_event_notifications (at the system level only)

      • toggle_request_event_without_event_type

      • toggle_slack_user_notifications (at the system level only)

    • Restored the following settings:

      • name

      • allowed_email_patterns

      • email_for_notifications

      • poster_token

      • scim_token

      • ftp_private_key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that impeded users from deleting content items from within a track. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug that caused regular users with organizer permissions not to be able to edit content items. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that caused double scrollbars to appear in the Catalog. [Catalog]

  • Fixed a bug that made the dropdown filter disappear within the sidebar if it was the last item. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that interfered with searching for users’ names. [Platform]

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