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Release Notes: Nov 8, 2022
Release Notes: Nov 8, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Scheduled Tracks [Alpha Version] [Tracks]: Organizers can preview our upcoming feature: Scheduled Tracks. The new experience enables a cohort-based blended learning experience that is tied to a specific time window. The new functionality mixes live with self-paced learning, and people assigned to these have clear expectations of their progress.

Furthermore, organizers can create these by scheduling an existing track and selecting the events from the event types.

When people are assigned to (or self-enroll) these scheduled tracks, they are automatically enrolled in all those events/sessions and become part of the track cohort. If there's no room in the events, we'll force-enroll the assignees up to the track's capacity.

Note, this feature is still incomplete and it’s undergoing active development. We are making it available early to collect customer feedback. We advise that admins only enable it in their sandbox environments by activating the Scheduled Tracks (Alpha) setting in Settings > Feature Management.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selected filter pills in the Catalog breaking for long names. [Catalog]

  • Fixed the Catalog's carousel breaking when changing sorting. [Catalog]

  • Removed the kebab icon for testimonials that do not have actions to take. [Profile]

  • Fixed enrollment duplicates. [Events]

  • Fixed a scheduling discrepancy with the session host reminder notification. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the event type bulk import from creating invalid entries. [Event Types]

  • Fixed typos in the mentorship session form. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the archived tracks deletion. [Tracks]

  • Fixed styling issues on the Office Hours page. [Office Hours]

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