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Release Notes 12-15-2020
Release Notes 12-15-2020
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Feature Spotlight

New Surveys Dashboard [New Feature] [Surveys]: Administrators and organizers can now see all of their surveys and survey instances in PlusPlus. They can also filter the data, export responses, and execute individual actions for each instance. The documentation on how this new dashboard works is available in our "How to use Surveys Dashboard" guide.

Survey Creation [New Feature] [Surveys]: Survey creation is now available to administrators and organizers through the Surveys Dashboard. With this feature, you can create custom surveys, add different types of questions, choose which are required, and save the survey. Your new Survey should then appear in the Surveys Dashboard where you can also check the preview of how it will be presented to the users in the UI. For more information, check out the "How to create surveys" guide.

Minor Improvements

  • New fields added to Events Bulk Import: We're now supporting Online Events Bulk import. For that, three new fields were added: "Is In Person", "Online Enrollment Cap", "Online Waitlist Cap". More details are available on our "How to edit Events in bulk" guide. [Dashboard]

  • UI improvements: We improved radio inputs consistency site-wide. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the survey cut-off offset to be "0" days. [Surveys]

  • We fixed Google Calendar rooms not working when pre-filling/editing a Program or Mentorship session. [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • We fixed the feedback list not showing up in the Event details, if the user didn't give feedback. [Events]

  • We fixed a critical bug where enrollment buttons for Mentorship sessions were not showing up when the session was available. [Mentorship]

  • Logged-off users, accessing PlusPlus' VC link, are now redirected to the login. [Events]

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