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Welcome to the PlusPlus Help Center!
Welcome to the PlusPlus Help Center!

Quickly find answers to your most common platform questions

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The PlusPlus vision is that our product can be used with ease and confidence. In case you do have questions though, we want the answer to be at the tip of your mouse pointer.

Allow us to introduce the PlusPlus Help Center. With dozens of articles ranging from focused knowledge-base content to broader product guides, your most common questions should be answered with a simple search.

For the most active users, we have added a shortcut that can be found in the lower right corner upon login.

Otherwise, everyone can access the Help Center through the menu adjacent to their profile.

While this in exciting milestone in our ability to support you, we have an exciting roadmap of improvements.

In the event that our Help Center does not provide an answer that you need, we will closely monitor your activity to fill in the blanks. Just click the emoji that fits your mood.

For further assistance, here is who to contact.

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