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Who to contact for assistance

Access the right people based upon your needs

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This article is best for any PlusPlus user that needs help. Too small? Click here to open in a new tab.

Depending on your interest in configuring or using PlusPlus, you may need different types of assistance. This list will cover common questions and the people available to help. If in doubt, please reach out to our product support. Here's a short summary:



What are the best-practices for how we use this platform at my company?

Talk to your System Administrators. They will likely be able to point you to best internal resources.

How does feature X work?

Start with our Help Center.

I'm still stuck. How do I get help or request a product enhancement?

Engage our Product Support.

Could we use this for another use-case? Another team wants to come on-board.

Please see our Customer Success.

System Administrators

Each organization that uses PlusPlus has at least one person that serves this purpose and frequently there is a team that manages users, core configuration, process design, and global settings. These folks work within your company and may be contacted through internal channels to manage concerns about permissions, best practices, and recommended workflow.

Common Questions for System Administrators

  • What is the best way to utilize categories and tags?

  • How do I access an event recording?

  • Do we have a corporate account for an online learning platform (e.g. Degreed, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, etc.)?

  • How do I become a Mentor or a Host for one-on-ones?

  • I am unable to edit an event for which I am a presenter. Can my permissions be upgraded?

  • I am working through my onboarding track and found a broken link. Can this be fixed so that I can continue?

  • Can you recommend the best event for me to attend?

PlusPlus Help Center

All users have 24/7 access to our Help Center Library, which includes a full range of guides, tutorials, and knowledge base articles to educate users on the fundamentals of how PlusPlus works.

Help Center Access from Help Menu

Help Center Library (All Access)

Help Center Shortcut (Limited Access)

Button to access help

Help Center Messenger (Limited Access)

Help Center Article Feedback

Common Questions for PlusPlus Help Center

PlusPlus Support

Our goal is to make our platform bug-free, hyper-intuitive, and provide in-app guidance that allows users to locate answers adjacent to where they are in the system. Should you run into any technical issues or questions that extend beyond the available documentation, or simply have a product suggestion, please reach out to our product support team.

During our business hours (8am-5pm Pacific Time, excluding weekends and major holidays), you can start a live conversation via our help-center shortcut, located in the bottom-right corner of our app:

(Note, as we are still in the process of rolling out this capability, this feature is only available to a select group of customers for the time being)

Otherwise, please contact [email protected] so that we may assist you further. Our team will review and prioritize resolving your issue based on our stated SLA.

Common Questions for PlusPlus Support

  • I think I found a bug. How do I report it?

  • I have a product suggestion. How do I submit it?

  • Do you have any more documentation regarding [this] topic?

  • What options are available to integrate PlusPlus to other systems?

  • What is the best way to gather user feedback?

  • How many notifications do clients typically use to communicate pre/post event?

  • How can I configure the system to solve for my use case?

Customer Success

Each client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that focuses on alignment to your short and long term objectives. Should you have a strategic initiative that needs to be added to the list or you want to discuss expanding use within other departments, please contact [email protected].

Common Questions for Customer Success

  • Who is my Customer Success Manager?

  • How can I arrange a demonstration for a new business unit / department?

  • What ongoing training resources are available?

  • What documentation is available for Developers to code against?

  • Can someone audit our instance of PlusPlus to recommend improvements?

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