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Surveys make collecting feedback from users possible. After participating in an event, the attendees have their own opinions and ideas that can provide you valuable insights.

Once a new survey is in the system, you can attach it to your events, and specify when your attendees are reminded to take the survey. PlusPlus provides a way for you to manage the surveys, export the responses and predefine surveys for events using event types.

If you need help creating surveys in the system, please check our article How to create surveys.

Event organizers can now manage their surveys directly on the event card. Survey management can be accessed by clicking on the Survey Management button on the details page of an Event.

Once clicked, an event organizer will be prompted with an event management dialog:

In the survey management dialog, you can:

1. Add surveys;

2. See the survey preview;

3. Execute quick actions for one survey; and

4. Export responses of multiple surveys

How to add a Survey

When adding a survey, they are linked to an event or event type. To complete the action, follow these steps:

  • Click on Add Survey button

  • Fill the form selecting a survey and setting the schedule and cut-off

  • Click on the green button with a check icon to confirm

How to export responses from multiple surveys

To export responses from all surveys, simply click the Export Responses button. Responses will be sent to your email in a CSV file. The message will contain separate links for the responses of each survey attached to the event in question.

This button will only be available if at least one of the surveys attached to the event has responses already.

Quick Actions

It’s possible to execute quick actions for each survey in the list:

1. Reschedule: set a new schedule and cut-off on the survey.

2. Copy survey URL: use it to copy the survey form URL to the clipboard, so you can share it, for example.

3. Send reminder: with this action, you can send a reminder for users who haven't yet answered the survey.

4. Export responses: export the responses for a specific survey. The responses are sent by email in a CSV file.

5. Remove: remove a survey from the event or event type. This action only removes the connection. The survey will still exist in the system.

Surveys & Event Types

You can have predefined surveys for events of a specific type by linking surveys directly to the event type. Thus, when creating a new event from the event type, the surveys will be copied and attached to the new event. This avoids future repetitive work. Therefore, you don’t need to configure the same survey each time you create an event of a specific type.

Performing changes in Event Type Surveys

Quick actions for the surveys of an event type are: rescheduling and removal.

Please note that, on event types, changing survey's dates configuration or removing a survey of an event type is not retroactive. This means that changes on event type survey configurations will only be effective for events created after that change, and those changes won't be passed over to surveys already attached to events.

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