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How to retrieve survey results

Learn how to gather survey results from events, tracks, courses, articles, and videos.

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As an administrator, content owner, or presenter you want retrieve survey results for an individual instance of a survey or for all the instances of a survey in aggregate.


This is the process for retrieving completed survey results. To get to this stage in the survey process, see how to create surveys and attach them to events and non-event content items.

Retrieve results for a single survey

  1. Access the event or non-event content item (track, course, article, or video) whose survey results you want to view.

  2. Open the context menu (the three dots in the upper right) and select Manage Surveys.

  3. Open the context menu (three dots) for a survey and select Send responses to email.
    An email with a link to survey results in CSV format is sent to your inbox.

Retrieve results for all instances of a survey in aggregate

  1. Open the Dashboard from the profile menu in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select Surveys on the left side of the page.

  3. Select the survey whose results you want to retrieve in aggregate.
    A list of all instances of the survey display.

  4. Click Export Responses and select Combined from the menu.
    Keep in mind that the filters you've used on the dashboard apply to the export as well.

    An email with a link to survey results for all instances in aggregate (in CSV format) is sent to your inbox.

Go deeper

What's the difference between Individual and Combined response exports?

Both of these options export responses for all the survey instances shown on the dashboard, based on the filters you've used. The Combined option compiles the results of all instances in aggregate in a CSV file, while the Individual option keeps each instance in its own file.

The benefit of the Individual option is that you can export all the responses to every instance of the survey at once instead of having to access each content item individually and extract results from there.

The benefit of the Combined option is that it lets you see big picture feedback on all the content items the survey is attached to.

When can I see survey results?

You can begin viewing responses to surveys as soon as they are completed by participants. This will occur after the survey opens and before the survey closes. For events, these times are based on their start/end times. For non-event content items (tracks, courses, articles, and videos), these times are based on when the content items are assigned or when they are completed. You can learn more about this in How to attach surveys to events and How to attach surveys to non-event content items.

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