As an administrator, content owner, or presenter you want to solicit feedback on events, tracks, courses, articles, and videos.


  1. Create a survey in the Surveys dashboard.
    Check out How to create surveys.

  2. Attach the survey to the content item.
    The process for doing this is slightly different for events and non-event content items.
    Check out How to attach surveys to events or How to attach surveys to non-event content items.

  3. Retrieve survey results.
    Check out How to retrieve survey results.

  4. Manage or update the survey as needed.
    Check out How to edit surveys.

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Surveys for events versus non-event content items

Surveys for events are sent based on their start/end times. Surveys for non-event content items (tracks, courses, articles, and videos) are sent based on when the content item is assigned or when they are completed. You can learn more about this in How to attach surveys to events and How to attach surveys to non-event content items.

Surveys and event types

Attaching a survey to an event type ensures that all iterations of that event have the same survey attached. Surveys and their configurations can be overwritten at the event level so that its surveys can be unique from other iterations of the event type. For more on this topic, see Surveys and event types.

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For more on using and managing surveys, see:

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