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How to gather feedback with ratings
How to gather feedback with ratings

Learn how the star rating system works in PlusPlus.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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As an admin or content owner, you want to see a big picture snapshot of how team members feel about individual content items they engage on your instance of PlusPlus.


Watch how team members are rating the content they engage on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. They can also leave comments about the content when giving it a rating. Ratings and comments are public by default, so all team members with access to your instance of PlusPlus can see them.

There are four places to view the ratings a content item has received:

  1. Each content item shown in the Catalog shows the average star rating given for it (if anyone has left a rating). You can also see the number of people who have engaged the content item here, but keep in mind that everyone who has engaged it has not necessarily left a rating.

  2. The top of a content item's landing page shows the average star rating given for it.

  3. The landing pages for self-paced content (articles, videos, tracks, codelabs) show how many of each rating (1 - 5) were given for the content item, along with comments and the rating the commenter gave.

  4. You can set up CSV exports and reports to show star ratings.

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Settings allowing team members to rate events

Event attendance policies need to be configured with enrollment close and drop cutoffs for team members to be able to rate the event. These settings are turned on by default.

How team members leave star ratings

People can leave a star rating after they have completed content in your instance of PlusPlus.

For self-paced content (articles, videos, tracks, codelabs), when team members marks the content item as complete, they are immediately given an option to Rate it and leave a comment if they want to.

You can set up notifications for events and office hour sessions with a link to leave a star rating. Or, for events, they can go to Event Feedback in the profile menu to rate events they've participated in.

Star ratings do not apply to mentorship sessions.

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