Gather key metrics with built-in reports

In addition to offering a unique and effective solution to organizational learning, PlusPlus comes with built-in reports, allowing you to evaluate how your team is engaging the live engagement content you provide (events, office hours, and mentorship). Reports include enrollment numbers and ratings for these content types, based on date, presenter, department, and more. With dozens of built-in reports and the ability to dynamically change the data shown in them, you can see the exact metrics you need to see to evaluate user engagement.


To access and engage your reports:

  1. Open the profile menu and select Reports.
    Your Reports open, grouped under four headings: Event, User Engagement, Mentorship, and Office Hour.

  2. Select one of these categories to see the available reports for each, and click a report name.

    The selected report opens.

    Generally, reports have 3 components:

    • A graph displays report data visually.

    • Options above the graph let you organize the data shown, usually by time increment.

    • Filters on the left let you narrow the data shown. Once you have set available filters, click Apply Filters to refresh the data with the filters applied.

Go deeper

Reports v. Analytics

Reports and Analytics are two separate areas that give you a great overview of how team members are engaging your content. The Analytics dashboard includes several reports from the Reports, and you can access those reports from the Analytics dashboard. But the Analytics dashboard also includes Data Visualization, which gives you several more snapshots of how content and content owners are performing. These snapshots are not contained in the Reports. In addition to seeing things like the events with the most enrollees and top presenters, you can also see which team members are engaging content the most.

Report categories and descriptions

Reports are grouped under four heading: Event, User Engagement, Mentorship, and Office Hour. The three live engagement categories (Event, Mentorship, and Office Hour) offer reports on enrollment numbers and ratings for these content types, based on date, presenter, department, and more.

The User Engagement category contains one report, User Engagement by Time Interval, which shows the number of team member engagements over a time interval.

Every report gives a description of the data shown, as well as an explanation of how data is computed.

Sharing reports

You can share PlusPlus reports via their URL. Viewing a report does not require special permissions.

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