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PlusPlus 101: Getting to know user roles and personas
PlusPlus 101: Getting to know user roles and personas

Learn about the different personas in PlusPlus, along with their roles and permissions on the platform.

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PlusPlus personas

The versatility of PlusPlus content allows you to combine live, relational engagement with self-paced content to onboard effectively and keep your entire org on the same page. This versatility in content results in various user roles (or personas) that make the magic happen. Grouped into three account roles with an explicit set of base permissions, here are the PlusPlus personas you can get acquainted with to have a better grasp of who does what on the platform.

You can update someone's user role on their profile page.

Admin - manages everything

An admin oversees system-wide configurations and customizations, and they have permissions to create and manage content.

Owner - creates and manages content

There are two owner roles:

  • Global Owner - has permission to create and manage all content types

  • Owner - has permission to create and manage specific content types, as designated by an admin; someone who manages a group is also called an owner

    Currently, an owner may also be referred to as an author, organizer, co-organizer, curator, maintainer, or manager, depending on the content they are tied to.

Regular user - facilitates and engages content

Regular users are team members who can both teach/facilitate content as an expert and engage content as a learner. Their persona changes based on their role and the content they’re using.

  • Host - facilitates or hosts events or office hour sessions (currently, also referred to as a presenter for events and event types)

  • Assignee - someone assigned to an event type or self-paced content

  • Attender - attends an event or office hour session

  • Mentor - hosts a mentorship session as the one mentoring and can send and receive mentorship requests; you can designate someone as a mentor on their user profile

  • Mentee - attends a mentorship session as the one being mentored and can send and receive mentorship requests

  • Member - has membership in a group

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Managing user permissions

In addition to setting base permissions in a user’s profile based on these three roles (admin, owner, regular user), admins can use System Settings to broaden team members’ ability to participate within various areas, including events, office hour and mentorship sessions, and tracks. For more, see How to add permissions for all users through System Settings.

External users

External users can participate in PlusPlus live events content when invited. See How to add external users to an event for more.

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