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You are an admin of PlusPlus and you want to know how to set one of your users up as a Mentor on your account.

You want to be a mentor but you don't see it enabled for your profile.


In order to host a Mentorship Session, a person must first be designated as a Mentor.

This is accomplished by one of three ways:

Your system admins can either:

  • Edit your profile and enable you as a mentor.

  • Create a mentorship session with you as a host. You will be then automatically given Mentor status and going forward you can create your own sessions.

  • Go into System Settings > Programs & Mentoring and turn on "Any user can create mentorship sessions.

    Note: This will democratize mentorship for all your users.


At the end of the day, how do you want to run your mentorship program? Do you want users to formally request to be a mentor? Complete prerequisites? Or simply raise their hand by making themselves available on the platform?

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