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How to designate someone as a mentor
How to designate someone as a mentor

Learn how to make someone a mentor in PlusPlus so they can create and host mentorship sessions and request to mentor others.

Written by Jonathan Allston
Updated over a week ago


As an admin or site owner, you want to know your options for designating team members as mentors. In the PlusPlus platform, a mentor is someone who can create and manage mentorship sessions, can offer to mentor other team members, and who shows up on the Mentors page as someone others can request to be mentored by.


There are two options for designating mentors.

Designate individuals as mentors

If you want to hand-pick those who can be mentors in your org, you can set up your instance of PlusPlus so only admins and site owners can designate them. In this case, you may have certain prerequisites to meet before someone can be a mentor, or you may want individuals to go through a request/approval process to be mentors.

To designate someone as a mentor:

  1. Go to their profile and click Edit.

  2. Under Admin Settings, turn on is a mentor.

    The person is designated as a mentor and can create and manage their own mentorship sessions and request to mentor other team members.

Let anyone be a mentor

If you want to allow anyone in the org to be a mentor, you can enable this in Settings. In this case, a team member can simply raise their hand to be a mentor by offering to mentor someone or setting up mentorship sessions for others to book.

To let anyone be a mentor, go to Settings > Mentorship & Office Hours > Mentorship and turn on Anyone can schedule mentorship sessions.

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