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Once you are a Mentor, you can create individual sessions to book time with the people at your organization.

1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner and select Add Mentorship Session.

2. Fill out the details for your Session

  • Choose the Mentor for the session (admins only; as a Mentor you can only set yourself to host).

  • Optionally, select the Attendee of the session (if not specified here, the session will appear in the listings for other people to reserve).

  • Choose a Location, Time, and Duration for the session.

3. Click Save.

You can see all of the sessions you have created (past and future) by navigating to Menu > My Sessions.

Advanced options

Online Sessions

At the Attendance Method tab, you may designate that a session occurs in-person, online, or both.

If your session is available online, you may also designate additional Locations for it. The time zone of the session will be tied to the primary location, but the session will appear in the front-end search under all designated locations.


At the Access tab, you can restrict access to this session to only certain sets of users.

These sets, which we call Groups, are either created by power users at the Groups Dashboard (Menu > Dashboard > Groups), or your admins can work with us to write a custom integration that will populate your groups according to data from your HR system.

Learn more about 'How to create and manage Groups.'

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