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How to create and edit an office hour program
How to create and edit an office hour program

Learn how to set up the basic details of an office hour program.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to provide a small group context for experts in your org to discuss a general topic. You want this offering to be discoverable in PlusPlus and for team members to book sessions to discuss specific ideas within the general topic.


Create an office hour program, following these steps:

  1. Open the profile menu in the upper right and select Add Office Hour.

    Or, to edit an existing office hour, select it in the Catalog, open the context menu (button with three dots), and select Edit.

    The New office hour page opens.

  2. Enter a Title, Description, and Estimated Duration for the office hour program.
    We recommend ~15 minutes for Estimated Duration, as office hours are designed to let experts offer quick, targeted help on an issue.

  3. Add Categories and Tags to make the office hour more discoverable.

  4. Select Office Hour manager(s) who can edit office hour details, assign hosts, and create, edit, or delete sessions for this office hour.

  5. Set the Booking Capacity.
    We recommend setting a low booking capacity to let experts offer more targeted solutions in a small group setting.

    To only allow 1-on-1 sessions, set the booking capacity to 1.

  6. Publish the office hour.
    The office hour is discoverable in the Catalog.

The next step is to schedule office hour sessions based on the office hour program you created. Team members will then be able to book sessions you make available.

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More office hour details

In addition to the settings mentioned above, you can also upload a Cover image to help draw attention to the office hour in the Catalog. If you do not add a cover image, the system adds a generic image for you.

You can also determine Access Control for your office hour. For more on this, see PlusPlus 101: Control access to content.

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