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How to schedule office hour sessions
How to schedule office hour sessions

Learn how to schedule sessions based on an office hour program so that team members can book the meeting times with experts

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As an admin or content owner, you want team members to be able to book sessions with experts within an office hour program.


Sessions are based on programs, so if you don't have a program yet to schedule a session for, learn how to create an office hour program.

  1. Access the office hour program you want to schedule a session for.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Schedule session.

  3. Select a Host for the session.
    The host should be a subject matter expert for the general topic the program covers.

  4. Select a Location for the session.
    The system calculates local time at other locations for online sessions.

  5. Enter a Date, Time, and Duration for the session.
    ​Go deeper for recommendations on duration.
    You can also set the date and time in the past to record past, off-platform sessions. Go deeper.

  6. Optionally, you can update the Enrollment settings for the session, including configuring whether the session is in person, online, or available in both formats.

  7. Publish the session.

    The session is discoverable in the Catalog and team members can book it.
    We recommend bulk duplicating sessions. Go deeper on why.

Go deeper

Setting session duration

Office hour sessions are designed to be about 15 minutes in duration so that team members can have a quick, targeted discussion with an expert about a particular topic. When you set the Estimated Duration for an office hour program, you are telling team members how much time you expect to give to a single office hour discussion. When you set the Duration for an office hour session, you are providing a window in which people can have these discussions--that could be an hour (default setting) or more or less, depending the host's schedule.

Recording past, off-platform sessions

You can add past office hour sessions to PlusPlus to capture off-platform sessions in engagement data, user bios, and so on. This keeps PlusPlus as the source of truth for recording enablement activity.

Bulk duplicating office hour sessions

We recommend bulk duplicating office hour sessions so that you can schedule them on a regular basis. This gives team members more opportunity to book sessions when they need help and get their questions answered.

What if no one books my office hour session?

If no one books a scheduled office hour session, the system automatically removes the session from the host's calendar.

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