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How to manage office hour attendance
How to manage office hour attendance

Learn how to add or remove office hour attendees and how to see attendees' agendas for sessions.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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As a content owner, you have an office hour session that has been booked by team members to attend. You want to see who's joining and what they want to talk about, and you want to be able to add or remove attendees.


Use the Manage Attendance feature for office hours, following these steps:

  1. From the Catalog, open the office hour whose attendance you want to manage.
    The landing page for the office hour program opens.

  2. Locate the upcoming session for the office hour that you want to manage.

  3. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Manage Attendance.
    The roster opens, showing everyone currently enrolled in the session.

  4. You can take the following actions to manage attendance:

    • Unenroll - removes the attendee from the session

    • Add Attendees - lets you add more attendees to the session

    • Agenda - shows what each attendee wants to discuss in the session (if they provided this info when they enrolled)

    • Everyone - lets you search the full list of team members in your org and enroll people in the session

Go deeper

Managing office hour enrollments

You can set max capacities for an office hour session and configure its format (online and/or in-person). To learn more about these options, see How to manage office hour enrollment settings.

What about managing attendance for live events and mentorship sessions?

Learn more about managing attendance for events or mentorship sessions.

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