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How to create and edit mentorship sessions
How to create and edit mentorship sessions

Learn how to add mentorship sessions to your schedule that mentees can discover and book.

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As a mentor, you want to block out times on your schedule so that mentees can book sessions with you. Or, as an admin or site owner, you want to do this for a mentor.


Create mentorship sessions, following these steps:

  1. Go to the Mentorship page and click New Session.

    Or, to edit an existing mentorship session, access the session, open the context menu (button with three dots), and select Edit.

    The New mentorship session page opens.

  2. Select the Mentor (yourself or the mentor you are setting this up for).

  3. Optionally, you can add the Mentee for the session and bypass the normal mentorship request process.
    For more, see the Go deeper section.

  4. Select a Location for the session.
    The system calculates local time at other locations for online sessions.

  5. Enter a Date, Time, and Duration for the session.

  6. Select the enrollment method for the session.

    Mentorship sessions can be set to Online, In-Person, or both (if you want to give mentees the option).
    You must provide the Meeting URL for an online session.

  7. Optionally, you can restrict the session's availability to certain groups.
    See the Go deeper section for more.

  8. Publish the session.

    Mentees can go to the mentor's profile page to book the session.
    We recommend duplicating mentorship sessions. For more on why, see the Go deeper section.

Go deeper

Directly adding a mentee to a session

We designed our mentorship feature to be more organic with a way to facilitate mentors and mentees seeking each other out and requesting sessions with one another. But you may want to bypass the typical process by directly adding a Mentee when you create or edit a mentorship session. In this case, sessions are added to the mentee's My Sessions page without going through the normal mentorship request process.

Restricting mentorship session to certain groups

If you only want mentees from particular groups (rather than from the whole org) to be able to book a mentorship session, add the groups to Restrict session to groups.

Duplicating mentorship sessions

If you want to give mentees more opportunities to book a session, you can Duplicate or Bulk Duplicate a mentorship session. If frequency can be stable, use Bulk Duplicate to schedule sessions on a regular basis. You can also use bulk duplication if a mentee has already booked a session and you want to set up a recurring session with them for a while.

If you’re working with a varied schedule, use Duplicate to create a single duplicate of the session and adjust the date and start time. You can then Publish & Duplicate in a rapid sequence, changing the date and start time for each duplicated session.

Note that mentees already enrolled do not carry over if you do a single duplicate of a session.

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