Your PlusPlus instance has support for Mentorship enabled, and now you would like to understand how mentorship requests work in practice.


There are two main use-cases for mentorship requests, and the corresponding workflows:

Mentee Engaging a Mentor

If a mentor has no sessions that fit a mentee's schedule, the mentee can request a new session to be scheduled by the mentor.

  1. As a mentee, go to the mentor's profile page, and click on "Request a Session" button.

  2. In the corresponding dialog, fill out an optional message to the mentor on why you are requesting a session, and hit the "Request" button.

  3. Upon receiving you request, the mentor will likely choose to schedule a new session with you directly.

Mentor Engaging a Mentee

If a mentor is looking to take on new mentees, they could choose to directly add a mentee to join one of their upcoming sessions, but this may not work for the mentee's calendar, or the mentee may not be available/interested at that time. Instead, a better option would be for the mentor to send a request to a mentee and ask them to book a session with the mentor, based on mentor's published availability.

  1. As a mentor, go to a perspective mentee's profile page. One way to get there is to search for mentees looking for mentors.

  2. Once there, click the button "I want to mentor you!".

  3. Click on the "Send Request" button.

  1. As a mentee, you will be notified of mentor's request, and you will also see it as pending in your "My Mentorship requests" page. Note: This page only shows up for mentees.

  2. Once you click on a mentor request, you can take action by:

    1. Dismissing it. The mentor will not be notified if you do this.

    2. Visiting the mentor profile and booking/requesting a session with them, as described above. This will automatically mark the request as having been accepted.

  3. During your first session with the mentor, you can ask the mentor to book subsequent sessions by cloning the first one, which greatly speeds up the process.


Whether both of the use-cases described above are supported, depends on how the Mentorship module has been configured. Feel free to ask your system administrator or your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

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