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PlusPlus 101: Offer a mentorship program
PlusPlus 101: Offer a mentorship program

Learn how PlusPlus helps you facilitate the connection between mentors and mentees.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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Why use mentorship?

PlusPlus mentorship provides a means for team members to gain insights and skills from a mentor. You can either engage PlusPlus as a mentee seeking mentorship, or a mentor seeking a mentee. PlusPlus makes it easy for mentors and mentees to connect and set up mentorship sessions.


Here are the pieces that make up PlusPlus mentorship.

Finding a mentor

If you want to be mentored by someone, PlusPlus makes it easy to find a teammate who is a potential good fit and either enroll in a session they have already worked into their schedule or request a separate session with them.

Mentoring a teammate

To mentor someone else, you must first be designated as a mentor in PlusPlus.You can then find a potential mentee and give them a chance to accept or decline a request to have a session with them. You can also set up a mentorship session in your schedule and either directly enroll a mentee or allow those looking for a mentor to enroll on their own.

Suggest a mentor or mentee

If you think someone might be a good fit as a mentor or mentee to another team member, you can suggest that they connect. For more, see How to suggest a mentor or mentee.

How mentorship requests work

As a potential mentor or mentee, you can track and manage all the mentorship requests that apply to you (requests you have sent and requests you have received) on the My Mentorship Requests page. To learn how the system handles these requests so that mentors and mentees can connect, see How mentorship requests work.

Go deeper

Mentorship in the big PlusPlus picture

Mentorship is just one of the ways PlusPlus helps you facilitate live, relational engagement that keeps your org growing and learning from its experts. We also offer live events and office hours, as well as self-paced learning content, such as videos, articles, and courses.

For a closer look at all the content types available in PlusPlus for both live engagement and self-paced content, see PlusPlus 101: Content you can create.

Mentorship v. office hours

We use the term session to apply to both the mentorship and office hours features in PlusPlus. Office hour sessions are designed to offer a more intimate setting for experts to discuss stated specialties and points of interest with teammates. Though designed to be smaller than a live event, office hours can have multiple enrollees.

Mentorship sessions, on the other hand, are designed to offer a more organic, ongoing relationship between a mentor and mentee for the sake of personal development, and are usually one-on-one.

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