How to manage your PlusPlus profile

Learn how to view and manage your personal profile in PlusPlus.

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You want to see and manage your own profile in PlusPlus to determine what other people see when they access it. This is especially useful when you want to help potential mentorship partners see if you might be a good mentor or mentee fit.

For admins and managers, see the Go deeper section for more on viewing/editing a team member's profile.


Open the profile menu in the upper right and select My Profile.

You can see your bio, picture, and impact information this page, or you can take a look at your Engagement stats. You can also click Edit to update your profile information. See the Go deeper section for more on editing your profile.

Go deeper

Engagement reports

The Engagement page shows what you are consuming in PlusPlus (events attended, tracks completed, content assignments, and so on). You can see your engagement from the following perspectives:

  • Upcoming - the content you are assigned, to or the events or sessions you are scheduled to participate in; you can also see your progress relative to a due date where applicable. Upcoming will only show assignments with due dates

  • Content completion by tags - the tags attached to content you have completed, along with the number of content items you've completed per tag for the past 90 days and for your whole user history

  • Consumed content - a line chart showing both your assigned and completed content by quarter

  • Recent activity - shows all your recent activity, only up to about 30 days, related to content, including events or sessions you have presented or hosted

Impact reports

Enablement impact info on the main profile page shows what you are offering in PlusPlus (mentorship stats, events hosted, articles created, and so on). “Impact” refers to the number of people affected by a person through our platform. People are impacted when they consume content, events, and sessions you have offered.

  • Impact over time - a bar chart showing the content types over which you have ownership in some way (hosting, presenting, creating, and so on) by quarter, along with an indication of how many people you have impacted with your offerings over the same period

  • Upcoming impact - the upcoming events and sessions you have ownership of

  • Impact by content type - individual panes for each content type showing people impacted, star ratings, and reviews for the content of that type you have offered

Managing your profile

When you click Edit on your profile page, you can view/edit the following information:

  • your profile picture; to change your picture, click the pencil button on the current image

  • name, Email, title, manager, executive assistant, bio, and more

  • profile tags that highlight your skills (agile, career development, and so on); this is especially important for helping potential mentorship partners decide if you would be a good mentor or mentee fit

  • your mentorship profile, which determines whether you appear as available to mentor or to be mentored in searches and on your profile page

  • the automatic time zone option, which displays times in whichever time zone your browser is currently using

  • your learning hours window, which determines what content appears in your Friendly to my time filter

  • notification settings, which determine whether you receive non-essential notifications related to your activity in PlusPlus

  • the PlusPlus groups you are a member of (not editable)

  • the ICS URL you can use to add your PlusPlus calendar to your Google Calendar

  • admin settings where you can delete your account; this is a permanent deletion that cannot be undone

For admins

You can access a team member's profile from the People dashboard to update all the information listed above. You can also change their Account Role and designate them as a mentor from their profile.

For managers

You can access all your direct reports' profiles in one place through the Manager Portal.

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