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Dashboards are where you can manage all your live engagement content (events, office hours, mentorship) in one place, and where you can execute other administrative tasks. Getting familiar with dashboards can make your job as an admin or content owner much easier.

To access dashboards, open the profile menu and select Dashboard.

Available dashboards

At each dashboard for content, you can search and filter content, create new content, take bulk action on items, and export a CSV with the filtered data.

Here’s a high level look at what you can do at each dashboard.

  • Analytics - gives a great overview of how team members are engaging your content, with a sampling of reports on user engagement and data visualization on how content and content owners are performing
    For more, see How to evaluate user engagement with the Analytics dashboard.

  • Events - shows all your events in a filterable list and lets you schedule (single or in bulk), duplicate, or edit events

  • Event Types - shows all your event types in a filterable list and let you create new event types (single or in bulk) and duplicate and edit event types

  • Events Enrollments - lists everyone enrolled for your events along with their enrollment status (Going, Attended, and so on)

  • Office Hour Sessions - shows all scheduled office hour sessions and lets you create, duplicate, bulk duplicate, and edit sessions

  • Office Hour Sessions Enrollments - lists everyone who has booked an office hour session

  • Mentorship Sessions - shows all scheduled mentorship sessions and lets you create, duplicate, bulk duplicate, and edit sessions

  • Assignments - list all content type assignments given to team members along with when the assignment was given, when it is due, and when the assignee started and completed it

  • People - lists all the people with access to your instance of PlusPlus and lets you edit their profiles, change their access permissions, and add/remove them from the system (single or in bulk)

  • Groups - lists all groups along with their owners, number of members, and private/public status, and lets you create new groups and edit/delete manually-created groups

  • Surveys - shows all your surveys along with instances ofand responses to them and lets you create new surveys and retrieve survey results in aggregate

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