How to duplicate events and sessions

Learn how to make copies of scheduled events, office hour sessions, and mentorship sessions to run at additional times.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to duplicate a scheduled event, an office hour session, or a mentorship sessions. This may be because you want to offer the same event or session in two locations at once, or because you want to offer them at additional times or on a recurring basis for a specified period of time.


Use the Duplicate or Bulk Duplicate feature, following these steps:

  1. Access the event or session you want to duplicate.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select either:

    • Duplicate - makes a single copy of the event or session and navigates you to the copied event or session to make adjustments as needed


    • Bulk Duplicate - makes multiple copies of the event or session by prompting you to set up a recurrence up to a certain date

  3. Publish or Save the duplicate(s).

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Should I use Duplicate or Bulk Duplicate?

If you want to schedule more occurrences of the event or session, but not on a regular schedule (not weekly or monthly, for example), Duplicate makes a single copy of the event or session so you can adjust the scheduled time (or any other details) as needed before publishing.

If you need to make multiple copies of an event or session, but not put them on a regular schedule, you can use the Publish & Duplicate option, essentially creating a duplicate chain. Publish & Duplicate makes it easy to rapidly create multiple duplicate events or sessions, each with its own time, location, and so on.

If you want to schedule the event or session on a regular recurring basis (weekly, monthly, and so on), but not change any details of the event or session, Bulk Duplicate prompts you to set up a recurring schedule and makes copies based on the schedule you set up.

Do enrollments get copied, too?

If you duplicate a 1-on-1 office hour session (as in, there is only one person enrolled in the session), the enrollment is copied over to the duplicated session(s). Enrollments also carry over for mentorship sessions when you bulk duplicate. In all other cases (copied events, office hour sessions with multiple enrollees, and single duplicate mentorship sessions), enrollments are not copied over to their duplicates.

Do event surveys get copied, too?

If you duplicate an event with surveys attached, the surveys are copied over to the new event(s) and are rescheduled based on the time of the new event.

Duplicating events in the Dashboard

You can also duplicate scheduled events using the Bulk Import tool for events (profile menu > Dashboard > Events > Bulk Import). It may be easier to duplicate events there if you need to see scheduled events in a filtered list first. Note that you can only make single copies in the Bulk Import tool. There is no Bulk Duplicate option.

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