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How to schedule an event
How to schedule an event

Learn how to schedule an event occurrence based on an existing event type.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to schedule a live event.


  1. Create an event type (soon to be called event series).
    This creates a template for an event so that you can schedule it as many times as needed without repeatedly configuring the event details. If you don’t have an event type created for the event you want to schedule, see How to create an event type.

  2. Select Add Event from the profile menu in the upper-right.

    The Schedule an Event dialog opens.

  3. Select the event type you want to schedule.
    The New Event page opens with event details already populated based on the event type.

  4. Go to Location & Time and add a Location and Timeslot for the event.
    You can add multiple timeslots to schedule a multi-day event or events that skip over logical breaks (like lunch break).

  5. Adjust details where the event you’re scheduling differs from the event type.

  6. Click Publish in the upper-right.
    The scheduled event is published for the event type in the Catalog, and team members can now enroll in it.

  7. Collect attendance and feedback from the event.

See who showed up and how enrollees rated an event or responded to surveys for the event. For more, see PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback.

Go deeper

Event types v. scheduled events

You create event types as a template for individual, scheduled events. For instance, you might create an orientation event type as a piece of your standard onboarding. You then schedule this orientation event as an individual occurrence when needed, using the details you set up in the event type, such as location, organizers, presenters, and so on. Each scheduled event then has its own timeslot(s) and enrollments.

Duplicating scheduled events

In the process described above, the Publish menu has options to duplicate or bulk duplicate the scheduled event.

If you want to schedule more occurrences of the event on a non-regular schedule (not weekly or monthly, for example), Publish & Duplicate is the easiest way to do it. If you want to schedule the event on a regular recurring basis (weekly, monthly, and so on), use Publish & Bulk Duplicate.

These options are also available in the context menu for an event. You can also duplicate and bulk duplicate office hour sessions. For more on this feature, see How to duplicate scheduled events and office hour sessions.

Scheduling events in bulk

Our Bulk Import tool allows you to schedule (or update, or delete) events in bulk, using a CSV file. If you need to schedule out single instances of multiple events or need to duplicate multiple scheduled events, the Bulk Import tool is your best solution. Learn more about how to bulk import scheduled events.

Scheduling one-off events

When you select Add Event from the profile menu, you have the option to schedule a one-off event. One-off events are not based on an event type, so you have to add the necessary details for the event before scheduling it. We recommend scheduling one-off events only when the details of it are such that there is no need to duplicate the event in the future, and upon completion you don’t want the event to remain in the Catalog as an event type.

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