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PlusPlus 101: Getting started with live events
PlusPlus 101: Getting started with live events

Learn the basic steps for offering live events with PlusPlus.

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Why use events?

Events provide a more personal mode of training or informing, or they can facilitate celebrations and points of relational connection. PlusPlus makes it easy to set up recurring events with Event Types, and then makes those events discoverable by people in your org. You can also directly enroll team members in events.


Here are the typical steps for offering a new type of event:

  1. Create an event type.
    This creates a template for an event so that you can schedule it as many times as needed without repeatedly configuring the event details. In this step you set up event facilitators, enrollment specifications, location, and more.
    For more, see How to create and edit an event type.

  2. Schedule the event.
    This step schedules an occurrence of the event type and opens the event for team members to enroll. For more, see How to schedule an event.

  3. Manage enrollment for the event.
    This step can include enrolling team members in the event, making the event discoverable in the proper channels, and setting enrollment capacities. For more, see How to manage enrollments.

  4. Collect attendance and feedback from the event.
    See who showed up and how enrollees rated an event or responded to surveys for the event. For more, see PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback.

  5. Update the event type as needed.
    You can edit event type details for future occurrences. For more, see How to create and edit an event type.

  6. Return to step #2 to schedule or duplicate more events for the event type when needed.

Go deeper

Live events in the big PlusPlus picture

Events are just one of the ways PlusPlus helps you facilitate live, relational engagement that keeps your org growing and learning from its experts. We also offer office hours and mentorship, as well as self-paced learning content, such as videos, articles, and courses.

For a closer look at all the content types available in PlusPlus for both live engagement and self-paced content, see PlusPlus 101: Content you can create.

Event types v. scheduled events

You create event types as a template for individual, scheduled events. For instance, you might create an orientation event type as a piece of your standard onboarding. You then schedule this orientation event as an individual occurrence when needed, using the details you set up in the event type, such as location, organizers, presenters, and so on. Each scheduled event then has its own timeslot(s) and enrollments.

This diagram shows the different live event terms and how they relate.

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