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How to manage event enrollment and attendance
How to manage event enrollment and attendance
Learn how to edit existing enrollment, see who has expressed interest in an event, and check people in to record attendance.
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As an admin or content owner, you want to see who is enrolled for a scheduled event and take action on an enrollment if needed.


Manage enrollment and attendance from a scheduled event's roster, following these steps:

  1. Access the scheduled event whose enrollment you want to view.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Manage Attendance.
    The roster opens, listing everyone enrolled in the event.

  3. You can take the following actions if needed:

    • Unenroll - removes the attendee from the event

    • Check in - checks the attendee into the event

    • Add attendees - lets you add more attendees to the event; you have the option to enroll the attendee upon adding them or prompt them to enroll on their own

    • Waitlist - opens the list of all waitlisted people (if the event is configured to allow for a waitlist and has reached the enrollment capacity); you can enroll waitlisted people into the event from here

    • Interested - opens the list of those who have requested an event be scheduled for the event type, or who used external registration to enroll; you can enroll these people into the event you're currently viewing

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Manage event enrollments automatically

You can automate repetitive workflows for enrolling people into events using our automated rules. This is especially helpful for automatically enrolling team members to onboarding events, or members of a certain department to a monthly department event.

Track enrollments at the Dashboard

You can track enrollments across all events at the Events Enrollments dashboard.

This dashboard indicates each attendee’s status for an event

  • Attended - checked in to the event

  • Going - enrolled in the in-person version of the event

  • Going online - enrolled in the online version

  • Waitlisted - the event’s capacity is full, and they are in line to obtain a space that may free up before the event occurs

  • Not going - removed from the event

Checking into an event

In addition to checking people into an event from the roster, you can configure events so that people can check themselves in, and you can set up automatic check-ins.

Bulk enrollment and check-ins

PlusPlus makes it easy to enroll and check-in a list of attendees in bulk. Let’s say you’re hosting a tech talk or community event whose video conference link has been shared around your org. This could lead to a lot of people joining the event without having first enrolled. Learn how to do bulk enrollments and check-ins in order to have these attendees recorded in PlusPlus.

Why is there an Undo Check In button on the Manage Attendance page?

By default in PlusPlus, the system automatically checks people into an event whenever they leave a star rating on that event. If someone rates an event that hasn’t occurred yet, Undo Check In appears for the attendee so you can remove the automatic check-in.

Preventing multiple enrollments in future events of the same type

For some events, like a monthly team meet-up, letting people enroll in multiple scheduled occurrences of the event makes sense. But for events not designed to be attended on a recurring basis, multiple enrollments can take up space and keep people out of the event, and they can cause a management headache for facilitators. You can prevent multiple enrollments in future events of the same type in Enrollment Capacity for the event type.

Online v. in-person event enrollments

When creating or editing Enrollment Capacity for an event, you can choose to host events online, in-person, or both at once. Up until the event occurs, you can switch or merge how you host the event. If the event is scheduled to be online or in-person only, you can switch it to the other method. If the event is scheduled to be both online and in-person, you can merge it to be hosted in just one of the two methods. This feature gives you flexibility to host the event as needed, especially if a presenter is going to present from a location different than originally planned.

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