As an admin or content owner, you have a list of attendees at a currently in-session (or past) video conference you want to quickly enroll and check into an event. This may be because a video conference link has been shared around the org and people have joined the event without first enrolling. In this case, you would want to capture their attendance in PlusPlus by enrolling and checking them into the event.


Bulk enroll and check in the attendees, using the following steps:

  1. From the video conference details (in Zoom or Google Meet, for example) copy the full list of emails of those who joined the called.

  2. Access the event in PlusPlus.

  3. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Manage Attendance.
    A dialog opens listing all previously-enrolled attendees.

  4. Click Add Attendees.
    The Enroll to dialog opens.

  5. Paste the list of emails from the video conference into the People field.
    The list of emails populates, excluding those who had already enrolled in the event.

  6. Make sure Force check-in is turned on if you want to check that added attendees into the event.

  7. Click Enroll.

    The previously un-enrolled attendees are enrolled and checked in to the event.

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Why copy/paste the full list of those who have joined the call? Won't I double enroll some people?

When you paste the list of emails into the People field, the system excludes those who have already enrolled in the event. Copying the full list of emails from the video conference attendees ensures you don't miss anyone, and PlusPlus makes sure no one gets enrolled or checked in twice.

Can I bulk enroll people for an event in the future?

The process described in this article is for bulk enrolling people for an event with a start time in the past. If you want to bulk enroll people for future events, the best solution is to use automated rules for event enrollment.

Learn more about bulk importing

Our Bulk Import tool lets you create event types in bulk and create, edit, and delete scheduled events in bulk using a CSV file. While not directly connected to the bulk enrollment and check-in process described in this article, bulk importing is a powerful admin tool you can use to build out your event offerings. For more, see How to bulk import event types and How to bulk import scheduled events.

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