You want to set up rules that automatically enroll people into some of your events (e.g. for onboarding), so that you don't have to perform these enrollments manually.


Set up a set of automated rules to automatically enroll people in your events.

  1. Read Automated Rules to understand the workflow for creating your rules and learn about rule conditions.

  2. See the discussion below outlining event enrollment rule actions and parameters.


For event enrollment, there are two possible actions:

  • Enroll for an Event Type. Enroll into an upcoming event of a given type.

  • Enroll for a Track. Enroll into an upcoming event for each event type within a given track.

These actions take one of the two required parameters (depending on the action):

  • Event Type. The Event Type to filter events by.

  • Track. The Track with Event Types to filter events by.

The actions can also take any of the following optional parameters:

  • Event Locations. Select locations to filter events by. If unspecified, all locations will be considered.

  • Day Offset. Only consider events after this time offset (in days) relative to when the rule is evaluated or the person's hire date (whichever is later).

  • Event Count Offset. Only consider events after skipping this many upcoming events.

  • Overcapacity Policy. Specify what to do if the event is at capacity.

    • Don't enroll. Do nothing - don't enroll the user.

    • Increase Capacity. Automatically increase the event capacity in order to accommodate an additional enrollment. [Default]

    • Next Event. Look for the soonest following event with enough capacity. If there is no such event, do nothing.

    • Waitlist. Attempt to wait list the user. If the waitlist is also full, do nothing.

    • Next Event or Waitlist. Look for the soonest following event with enough enrollment or waitlist capacity. If there is no such event, do nothing.

  • Follow Track Sequencing: When enabled, ensure the user is enrolled into events which follow the chronological sequence of the event types defined by the track. For each event type, we only consider events of that type that take place after the previous event we enrolled the user into, except for the first event, where we consider the Time Offset (defined above).

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