You want to set up rules that automatically manage some of your groups, including memberships, so that you don't have to manage these manually.


Set up a set of automated rules to automatically mange your groups.

  1. Read Automated Rules to understand the workflow for creating your rules and learn about rule conditions.

  2. See the discussion below outlining group management rule actions and parameters.


For group management, there are two possible Actions:

  • Add to Group. If a group does not already exist, it is automatically created.

  • Remove From Group. If the group does not already exist, it is ignored.

Both of these actions take one required Parameter:

  • Group Name. The name of the group to/from which to add/remove the user, based on the Action above.

Example Rule

  • Condition: User location is one of "Seattle", "Portland", "San Francisco"

  • Action: Add to Group

  • Parameter: Group Name ("West Coast Employees")

Special Considerations

  • The groups created through the integration are public and, initially, have no owner.

  • These groups aren’t editable through the PlusPlus Dashboards. The only way to edit members is through the external data source.

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