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PlusPlus 101: Celebrate team members with user badging
PlusPlus 101: Celebrate team members with user badging

Learn how to assign badges to team members to recognize their learning and/or contributions.

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Why use badging?

Assigning badges to team members celebrates the ways they are contributing to a culture of learning at your org. It also gives them credibility in the eyes of other team members, who may be seeking to benefit from their expertise. With user badging, you can designate someone as a Super Mentor for conducting 10 mentorship sessions, you can name someone a Culture Champion for completing 10 assignments in the Culture category–being creative with this tool celebrates and deepens your learning culture.


Currently, you can only assign badges by working with a Customer Success Manager to build an automated process. But, coming soon, our self-serve automated rules feature will include badge assignments as an option. To learn more, see PlusPlus 101: Create automated rules for repetitive workflows.

To manage badge assignments under current offerings:

  1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to configure your badges.
    See the Go deeper section for more context about actions and parameters for badge assignment rules.

  2. Reach out to your CSM when you want to edit badge assignment rules or create new ones.

Go deeper

Badge assignment rule structure

Each rule is composed of three parts:

  • conditions

  • action

  • parameters

While conditions are universal (as explained here), actions and parameters are rule-dependent.

For badge assignment rules there are two possible actions:

  • Assign badge - assigns a badge to the user profile, if it's not assigned already

  • Revoke badge - revokes a badge from the user profile, if it was previously assigned.

Both of these actions take one required parameter:

  • Badge name - the name of the badge to assign/revoke to/from the user profile, based on the action above

Example rules

To assign a Mentor badge to team members who are defined as mentors in PlusPlus:

  • Condition: User is-mentor is true

  • Action: Assign Badge

  • Parameter: Badge Name ("Mentor")

To assign a Super Mentor badge to team members who have hosted more than 10 mentorship sessions:

  • Condition: User hosted mentorship session count is greater than 10

  • Action: Assign Badge

  • Parameter: Badge Name ("Super Mentor")

Special Considerations

These badge assignments are currently not editable through the PlusPlus dashboards. The only way to edit assignments is through the automated process described here.

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