As an admin or content owner, you want to prevent people from enrolling in multiple future events based on a certain event type. For events not designed to be attended on a recurring basis, multiple enrollments can take up space and keep people out of the event, and they can cause a management headache for facilitators.


Restrict an event type from allowing multiple enrollments in future occurrences. To do this:

  1. Access the event type for which you want to prevent multiple enrollments.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.
    The Edit event type page opens.

  3. In Enrollment Capacity turn on Prevent enrollment in multiple upcoming events from this Event Type.

  4. Save the event type in the upper-right.
    The event type no longer allows people to enroll in multiple future occurrences of the event.

Note that the restriction applies only to upcoming and ongoing events. If someone attended an event of this type before you applied the restriction, they can enroll again. If they are currently enrolled in an upcoming event of this type, they won't be able to enroll in another one.

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When would I want to prevent multiple enrollments?

For some events, like a monthly team meet-up, you should allow people to enroll in multiple scheduled occurrences of the event type. But for events not designed to be attended on a recurring basis, you should prevent multiple enrollments to keep more spots open in the event and to prevent facilitators from having to unenroll double enrollees manually.

What do team members see when I prevent multiple enrollments?

If someone is already enrolled in a future event for the event type, and if they try to enroll again, a dialog appears letting them know they can not enroll again. The dialog also gives them the option to keep their current enrollment or switch to the event occurrence they are viewing.

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