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For some event types, allowing users to enroll in multiple upcoming events can be inopportune. Event organizers may have the burden of checking for double enrollments in events and removing people manually, which is a time-consuming and inefficient process.

The double booking issue is true for some event types, but not all of them. For regular events (e.g. a monthly Data Science meetup), it makes sense that a person wants to enroll in multiple occurrences. However, for some particular courses, allowing the same person from enrolling in 2 or more upcoming events may be preventing others from attending high profile events.

How to enable the restriction

If you want to prevent user enrollment in multiple upcoming events per event type, you can activate this restriction under the “Enrollment & Capacity” section at the Create/Edit Event Type page.

Please note: The restriction applies only to upcoming and ongoing events. For instance, if a user has attended a UX course a month ago but wants to enroll again, they should be able to. But if they are enrolled in a UX course that is currently happening and wants to enroll in another one month from now, the system shouldn’t allow it.

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How the restriction takes place

If a user already is enrolled in an upcoming event type, if they try to enroll in another one a modal will appear explaining the limitation and allowing them to choose between keeping the current enrollment and changing their enrollment to the prospect event.

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