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Check ins are a way to certify enrollees have actually attended your event. They can be done by admins and organizers, or even by the enrollees themselves if certain settings are enabled. Still, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to check in and your metrics may be affected by that disparity. That’s when automatic check ins come in!

By default, whenever enrollees who were marked as going or going online provide feedback ratings to an event (the star rating feedback), they are automatically checked in to the event they’ve written feedback for. That means they’ll appear as “Attended” in past events and if the event is still upcoming, an undo check in button will appear instead. Our data shows that this can improve the check-in rates by up to 75%.

We also rolled out an optional feature to improve your check in rates even further. When you enable the new Auto-check in when joining video conferences system setting, enrollees who access an event’s VC link will first come to PlusPlus where they will be automatically checked in and then redirected to the actual online meeting link. If this setting is active, PlusPlus' VC link will appear in many places, such as in the interface, in notifications, and in the event description on the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar invite.

The event’s VC link will redirect the user to the login page if they are not logged in. This will affect External users' ability to join the meeting. In this case, the direct meeting link will be placed below the auto check-in video conference link.

To do so, head over to Settings > Event Settings > Auto-check in when joining video conferences

Please note that while this setting will respect the self-check in opens cutoff setting, it will ignore the self-check in closes cutoff.

The second one is exclusive to Google Calendar and is called Remove "Join with Google Meet" button from calendar entries on auto-check in. It works by removing the “Join with Google Meet” button from Google Calendar entries. We always insert our redirection links in the entry’s description, so by hiding the default button, you are encouraging users to access the meeting link through our URL, therefore further increasing your check in rates.

To do so, head over to Settings > Calendar Integration > Google > Remove "Join with Google Meet" button from calendar entries on auto-check in

By turning on this setting, the following button will disappear from the Google Calendar event:

Join with Google Meet button

Join with Google Meet button

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