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Each Enrollment indicates the attendee’s status with regards to that event:

  • Attended: They have checked in to the event.

  • Going: They have enrolled to the in-person version of the event.

  • Going Online: They have enrolled in the online version.

  • Waitlisted: The event’s capacity is full, and they are in line to obtain a space that may free up in the future.

  • Not Going: They have been removed from the event.


Each event’s enrollments are tracked at its Roster window. To access the roster, click the “people” icon on the upper-right of an event’s details page.

Here, you can edit the existing enrollments, check people into the event, and see who has expressed interest in the event:

Additionally, you can see which people are interested in the event, and you may choose to enroll them in the event. (This section is populated by those who have clicked the “Request an Event” button at an Event Type’s page).

Enrollments across the whole system are tracked at the Dashboard which is accessible to those with Admin/Organizer permissions.

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