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How waitlists work
How waitlists work

Learn more about the nuances of using waitlists for events.

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What is an event waitlist?

You can enable a waitlist for an event so that, if the event is at capacity, people can still join the waitlist and be automatically added as attendees if space opens up.

If enabled, the Event Waitlist Confirmation notification lets the team member know they have been added to the waitlist for the event. If space opens up, they are automatically added as an attendee, and the Event Enrollment Promoted from Waitlist notification lets them know.

Waitlist nuances

  • If you want enroll someone in an event that is already full, use the Force Enroll option when adding them as an attendee. This raises the enrollment cap and adds them as an attendee, bypassing the waitlist if applicable.

  • People can also be moved from the attendee list to the waitlist if the enrollment cap is lowered below the number of people currently enrolled. The Event Enrollment Demoted to Waitlist notification lets them know about the change. If a decrease in the enrollment cap forces people to move to the waitlist, the latest people to enroll are demoted first.

  • Attendance and waitlist capacities can be impacted by switching and merging online/in-person enrollment methods. Find out how people on the waitlist can be effected.

  • People still on the waitlist after an event is over are not removed from the waitlist by any automatic function or sync. However, their waitlist status for the event has no impact on functions going forward (no notifications sent regarding the finished event, no duplicate enrollment issues if they enroll in another event of the same type later on, and so on).

  • The Event Waitlist Reminder notification reminds people that they are on the waitlist and prompts them to drop the event if they are no longer interested in waiting for a spot.

  • If someone is demoted from the waitlist, the Event Enrollment Demoted from Waitlist notification lets them know about the change.

  • You have the option to move people currently enrolled in an event to the waitlist and from the waitlist to the enrollment list. Learn more.

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