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Getting Started with PlusPlus
PlusPlus 101: Getting started with notifications
PlusPlus 101: Getting started with notifications

Get a basic understanding of how email and Slack notifications work in PlusPlus, and how you can customize them.

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Notifications - the big picture

PlusPlus comes with a slew of notification templates. Notifications cover a wide range of use-cases, such as:

  • Confirmations (content assignment or event enrollment)

  • Updates (event has been rescheduled)

  • Reminders (an event is coming up, or an assignment is past-due)

  • Warnings (an upcoming event has low utilization)

  • Reports (survey responses from an event are ready to review)

These notifications are sent via email and direct message (such as Slack), so team members can always stay in the loop with what’s going on in PlusPlus.

Please note notifications can take up to 15 minutes to be sent due to tuned background sync checks.

As an admin or site owner, you can also customize the notification templates to make them your own. You can turn them on or off individually for email and/or Slack. There are even more options for events, mentorship and office hour sessions, and content assignments, as admins and content owners can configure notifications for individual content items.


There are two things to get acquainted with when it comes to PlusPlus notifications.

Notification templates in System Settings

Notification templates are configurable via System Settings for system-wide scenarios (like account sign-ups or password resets) and for content types defaults (like creating an event or assigning a track). The notifications set here for content types cascade down to content items of that type. For example, if you enable the notification for someone enrolling in an event, notifications are triggered every time someone enrolls in any event in your instance of PlusPlus. But you can override notification settings for individual content items. More on this below.

To view and manage System Settings notification templates, go to Settings and select Notifications from applicable headings (Site, Security, Events, Mentorship & Office Hours, and Content). You can turn notifications on and off and customize them to make them your own. To learn more, see How to customize notifications.

Notifications for individual content items

Notifications set for content types at the System Settings level cascade down to individual content items. As an admin or content owner, you can override these notifications, turning them on or off and editing the notification settings for content items.

To view and manage notifications for individual content items:

  1. Go to the content item whose notifications you want to manage.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

  3. Go to Notifications and update them as needed.

For more on editing notifications, see How to customize notifications.

Please note

Go deeper

Email and Slack integrations

Since notifications come through email and Slack, you’ll want to check out more about how PlusPlus integrates with these systems. For more, see:

Cascading notifications and event notifications

When you update notifications at the System Settings level, your changes cascade down to already-existing content items (as well as any new content created after your update). Live events have another layer of cascaded settings, as changes made to event type notifications can cascade to already-scheduled events of that type. This creates cascaded settings on three levels: System Settings > Event Type > Events. See How to manage event notifications for more.

Cc Manager and Cc Executive Assistant

Some notifications allow you to copy the recipient's manager and/or their executive assistant. The Cc Manager option keeps managers in the loop on whether their direct reports are fulfilling their assignments, attending required events, and so on. The Cc Executive Assistant option is an efficient way for managers and leaders to delegate PlusPlus management to their assistants where applicable.

Notifications versus alerts

In addition to providing notifications (which are managed by admins and content owners), in PlusPlus learners can set up their own alerts about upcoming events they may be interested in. Notifications are concerned with system-wide interactions, and alerts are created by team members to stay in the know about events they may want to attend.

Notifications nuances with Tracks

Please note that as Tracks can and usually contain other content items such as courses, unless you disable notifications within those child content items inside your Tracks, when you assign users to a Track those child content assignment notifications will also go out along with your main Track assignment notification. To prevent this please disable those notifications you do not want to go out with your parent Track notification.

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