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PlusPlus comes with a slew of notification templates built in. They let team members know about account signup confirmations, how to reset their password, reminders to respond to surveys, and much more. These notifications are sent via email and Slack integrations, so team members can always stay in the loop with what’s going on in PlusPlus.

As an admin, you can also customize the notification templates to make them your own, and you can turn them on or off individually for email and/or Slack. There are even more options for events, mentorship and office hour sessions, and content assignments, as you can configure these in content-type settings.


There are two things to get acquainted with when it comes to PlusPlus notifications.

Notification templates

Our notification templates are built into your instance of PlusPlus. They handle system-wide notifications and cover a wide range of scenarios. As an admin, you can view and customize these templates by accessing Settings > Notification Templates and clicking Access notification templates.

To learn more, see How to customize notification templates.

Content-specific notifications

You can turn on/off notifications for event types, mentorship and office hour sessions, and content assignments in content-type settings. These notifications remind attendees and hosts about a range of interactions, including event/session reminders, content assignments, enrollment status changes, and notices soliciting feedback. As with notification templates, you can view and customize content-specific notifications as an admin.

To configure event and session notifications, go to Settings and select Notifications for Events and/or Mentorship & Office Hours.

To configure assignment notifications, go to Settings > Content > Notifications.

For more, see:

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Notifications versus alerts

In addition to providing notifications (which are owned by administrators), in PlusPlus learners can set up their own alerts about upcoming events they may be interested in. Notifications are concerned with system-wide interactions, and alerts are created by team members to stay in the know about events they may want to attend.

Email and Slack integrations

Since notifications come through email and Slack, you’ll want to check out more about how PlusPlus integrates with these systems. For more, see:

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