Why use articles on PlusPlus?

With PlusPlus articles you can keep the entire org in the know with written content or dig into technical questions for the benefit of a specific team. You can assign stand-alone articles, integrate them into a PlusPlus track, or make them discoverable for team members to engage on their own.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • You can track who has read articles and receive feedback from them.

  • Articles can connect readers to other content you’re offering in PlusPlus, like office hours covering similar topics.

  • Team members can save an article so they can return to it easily and read it later on.

  • Articles are typically learning-focused. Hosting them in PlusPlus easily differentiates them from other reference/technical documentation living in other knowledge management systems.


Here are the typical steps for getting started with articles on PlusPlus.

  1. Enable article content for your instance of PlusPlus.
    For more, see How to enable self-paced content types.

  2. Create an article.
    In addition to drafting an article, in this step you can also give it a cover image, make it discoverable with categories and tags, and more. See How to create an article for more on this step.

  3. Assign the article to a team member.
    If you want to do more than just make an article available and discoverable, you can assign it directly to a team member as a one-off or you can add it to a PlusPlus track.

  4. Collect feedback on the article.
    See who has read the article and how they rated it or responded to surveys about it. For more, see PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback.

  5. Edit the article as needed.
    For more, see How to edit articles.

Go deeper

Articles in the big PlusPlus picture

Articles are just one way you can offer self-paced learning content with PlusPlus. We also offer videos and courses, as well as the ability to facilitate live, relational engagement with live events, office hours, and mentorship. You can also incorporate videos, articles, courses, and live events into a sequential learning playbook with PlusPlus tracks.

For a closer look at all the content types available in PlusPlus for both live engagement and self-paced content, see PlusPlus 101: Content you can create.

Embed media in articles

Ramp up your article by embedding a video, an image, a cloud doc, or a website.

Note that a video embedded in an article (rather than uploaded as a stand-alone content item) cannot be individually tracked for auto-completion, assigned to people, or added to tracks.

For more, see How to embed media in an article.

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